Patrick Bosteels

Creating your own destiny sounds very romantic. I decided to do that from my 16th on and have never known differently. Somehow the words ‘create, build, grow and impact’ probably best describe my 30 years of entrepreneurship. Moving to Turkiye changed my direction. Instead of thinking in companies I redirected towards organisations. No C titles anymore, in which I could never find myself, but a do-er in in terms of creating value for and with others. The startups scene in EMENA became my goal and started in Turkiye with Stage-Co combined with the volunteer based organisation CoderDojo. I am very fortunate that my partner, Neşen Yücel, is my wife and best friend. Maşallah 😀

With this experience of 30 years of entrepreneurship I hope to have a positive impact on the ecosystem itself that we are creating through our own hands. Be there with true professional mentorship to help the startups in the right direction. Always being open to collaborate and to connect interesting people and projects. Enabling all the good things happening around towards success. You can imagine that success in my view is not only expressed in $ and happiness the highest goal. Yes, age comes with different goals but it doesn’t make me a softie. You just add more layers. Hope to see you around.