Kristav Childress

Kristav (Kris) Childress is an executive advisor assisting early-stage startup companies – across a range of technology fields – with market strategy, market planning, business development, market analysis, competitive analysis, marketing communications, partnership development, channel development, revenue model revision/development, sales strategies and tactics, and brand development. He has over 25 years of experience in marketing and sales for startups in advanced analytical instrumentation, computer software and consulting services.

Prior to relocating to Singapore for personal reasons in 2007, Kris was the Technical Director for GEV Corp. in Chicago (USA). In that role, he served not only as a consultant and expert witness to businesses pursuing lower cost electricity in a deregulating market (including testimony before the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or “FERC”) but also marketed the company’s services to large commercial buildings and medium-sized manufacturers in the greater Chicago area. He was also extensively involved in contract review and negotiation – working with the firm’s counsel.

Kris has led sales and marketing efforts for three startups (in addition to GEV Corp.) in the US: one produces advanced analytical instrumentation ( where he served in a series of progressively more challenging sales and marketing roles both in the field and in-house. Two were computer software companies focusing on the optimization of food manufacturing.

In each of these startups, there was a strong international component with Kris initiating and developing sales and markets in Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Europe in the course of his work. He also was instrumental in these three companies developing valuable channel and technology partners that helped to expand their markets. He extensively coached local representatives and partners in marketing and sales.

Kris is currently an advisor to various startups at the National University of Singapore’s Entrepreneurship Centre (“NEC”). In that role, has helped a dozen companies to refine their business models and develop to the point where they could raise funding to scale to commercial viability. Under Kris’s tutelage, one of his advisees won the coveted StartUp@Singapore competition. Several others have been awarded significant grants/venture funding. At least one has entered into a major international joint venture.”