Jag Foo

Jag Foo is the principal consultant of Automation Edge (AutomationEdge.org), which specialises in the use of marketing and business automation tools to help businesses cut cost, boost productivity and increase sales. The learning programme has been designed to allow users full hands-on confidence within a day.

Jag consults for clients, assisting with the formulation of strategies to extend a corporation’s products and services via e-marketing online, this involving marketing automation, email marketing, testing and tracking, and integration of online and offline marketing as well as direct response copywriting.

Prior to Automation Edge, Jag was involved in management roles with companies in the domain of technical analysis solutioning (Metastock by Thomson Reuters, Equis) and social consumer finance. In the latter, specific content and programmes were created by him to target credit card issuers and banks with emphasis toward educating cardholders and users about personal credit management.

He is a qualified Google advertising professional and also a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc. He is also an active contributing blogger for the Marketing Institute of Singapore.

As a graduate from the National University of Singapore, Jag majored in Applied Chemistry.

He has been in the forefront of e-marketing trends and packaging educational content delivery for online consumption.