Donny Soh

An avid Chinese martial arts exponent and latin dancer, Donny has been a prominent figure in academic research. During his stint at ASTAR, he was the PI of several projects before he left to pursue 9 Degrees Freedom full time.

His dominant research interests are in database knowledge discovery, data mining and machine learning. Some of his recent awards include:
+ Bronze Award in SiTF emerging technologies 2012
+ TKK Young Inventors Award 2013
+ I2R Role Model Award 2012
+ Valued mentor award 2012
+ Mentored students and winner of NJC Partner Award, 2011

He graduated with highest honours in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore, his Masters in Computer Science under the NUS-MIT Alliance and PhD with Imperial College London.

He is serving in the ACE committee as a member and the ACE Mentoring Sub Committee