World Summit Awards 2016

Catalyst Connector is proud to be a partner of World Summit Awards South East Asia 2016



WSA SEA LogoThe World Summit Award South East Asia (WSA-SEA) makes its inaugural launch in Singapore this year. Conceptualised under the umbrella of the World Summit Award (WSA) that was founded in 2003 as a follow up initiative to the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (UN-WSIS) in Geneva, the Award brings into the South East Asian region the UN-WSIS’s vision of making Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessible to everyone and bridging the digital divide.

Operating within the UN framework, WSA-SEA looks at maximising the regions’s technopreneurs and enterprises’ potential in developing ICT solutions from a global perspective. Through WSA-SEA, Digital Innovators will also be given the chance to put their products on a global stage, reaching out to potential investors, veteran national experts and governments across more than 168 countries.

Themed “Social Impact through Digital Innovations” this year, the WSA-SEA will search for the crème de la crème of digital innovations that can create sustainable social impact by enabling the society at large through e-content and technology.

With eight different Award categories, WSA-SEA takes an encompassing role in looking at how digital solutions can impact society in various industrial segments. Participants will be put through three rounds of Judging before the Top Champions for each category are selected. With rigorous judging processes based on global assessment standards, the Award ensures the mining of the best ASEAN Digital Innovators.

Take on the global stage. Make a difference.

Objective of the Awards

The WSA Singapore 2016 Awards focuses on the excellence in ICT innovation in South East Asia  for Sustainable Social Change with an emphasis of showcasing and introducing South East Asian  digital innovation to a global audience.

The Judging Process

The process will start with a call for entry in March 2016 from local incubators and educational institutions as well as WSA partners from ASEAN. Entries will then be presented to our selected panel of judges with a shortlisting of three submissions in each of the eight categories.

Unlike the WSA Global Awards, there will be no limitation on how many entries each country can submit in each category.

Shortlisted Winners will then be invited to present to the judges during the Conference in Singapore, after which there will be a closed door deliberation session by the judges facilitated by Prof. Peter Bruck, Chairman World Summit Award, to decide of the Top winner for each category. The SEA Champion in each WSA category will be subsequently announced at the Award Ceremony and Gala in Singapore