Surviving Cancer – Yes You Can!

Buddies, just thought I add my learnings about cancer as a survivor :

Color of Pee – Colon requires water to dilute our blood. For the camels among us, your urine is the indicator – it shd be lighter than the colour of beer, and not smell at all. 2.3 litres is about my intake – and yes, I need to pee often.

Fruits and vegetables – better closer to raw, and green. Gut health is balanced by enzymes and bacteria, so add milk or soya to maintain good poo power. I do sashimi once a week 😬

If someone in your home has contracted cancer, immediately alter water sources, cooking method, air quality, and furniture – ideally, switch homes if you can. Cancer is triggered by environmental and lifestyle conditions. A family may share 2 strands of DNA, but it’s the RNA that may react similarly to the trigger.

Fight or flight – is the positive attitude to a disease that will recur. Not if but when cancer recurs, it does so with a vengeance.

Cut the Sugar – One thing we’ve noticed when diagnosing cancer, is that it positively loves glucose. In fact, all cancers are detected by their hyper activity synthesising sugars (lights up pink around tumours). Learn to burn what you eat by exercising, and starve your cells the opportunity to start a party inside you

I love every day as my last, I laugh as much as I can even in meetings that they think I’m screwy (so what, it’s my life), I say nice things about not so nice people so I hope to bless them to be better, for their kids if not themselves. Try to do 1 random act of kindness a week. Avoid buying anything if you haven’t given something away.

Cancer is not a curse, but a wakeup call. You do not have to be called if you are happy and gentle to the world around you.

Enjoy the first day of your life buddies!

Chief Mentor Felix

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