GONE are days when the world would grapple with reinstalling an entire OS to get an upgrade, diskette by diskette, to the tune of 18 disks, and a superfast speed of 2 hours. That was a top of the line 486 machine, by the way.

RENEWAL is a constant commitment by technology to upgrade itself to keep its customers, to earn their loyalty, and be the relevant go to entity which secures your lifestyle in a dependent relationship. Symbiosis has become key to the monetization of content, be it opinion or entertainment. No one can exist without the other, so this is a good time to welcome interdependency.

CRM. It isn’t that simple anymore when loyalty evolves in moods of when and why. And if why is a factor, we want to express it socially with our own ideas on whey it should be improved for the next user, or my kids  The system hasn’t got the hang of it, yet, and second guesses what we intend. Fat lot of good that will do, because I bought my daughter a Barbie bag last week.

Impulse is a sin I can forgive myself for, but never accept, as the weakness brands can manipulate me with, will cease to work. As I savour the excitement of anticipation of buying an item, all my social network friends will be expressing their experience with my intent. You can guess where I will go with my instinct.

ENTER the IoT. Simple little sensor buggers that send info back to the big brain who tries to figure out what we minions are attempting to do. Sure, hide me in granular trending, but never ever lose my trust by prostituting me to another service who think they know me better.

CTRL the urge to e-commerce everyone. Purely because not everyone is a certified technophile with a belief in the credit system. Bitcoin, blockchain or otherwise.

ALTernate reality is supposed to displace my understanding of what I want. Hopes flourish when I see a different world. Back to the basics of hard work, face to face, and the classic handshake.

DELETE that attitude of traditional knowing. It isn’t there anymore, ever since I turned erratically convinced of reverse showrooming, and the ubiquitous  oracle of social opinion.

F1 isn’t about racing cars and the supertech that comes with making things faster. Help is about inclusiveness, a design thinking philosophy that makes the world cohesive, in a special way.

F8 makes safe sound like a bad word. Escaping into a safe zone doesn’t exist. Too bad.

UPGRADING is a way of life. Don’t forget why we need to keep up, nor understand what our kids are up to. Create ones own news requires knowing the rules of this digital revolution.

REBOOT the model of rules. Where the constancy of change prevails, the only philosophy is beta.

What is Renewal?

Renewal is about upgrading ones perceptions, aligning them with what we seek, as justification to our purpose of living, whatever that may be. Never let it fester, nor stagnate, in a simple element called trust.

In the constancy of change, each of us has to explore what makes us unique. What drives our day, excites our evenings, and comforts our nights. Soothing comfort is a way of life, not the dreary dragging of feet to a meeting or dissipation of interest in a recent purchase we called necessary, but only personified in a moment of want.

Entrepreneurship is  a culmination of why

Why do certain things drive us to want?
Why do we wake up sweating in the night?
Why would we risk what we have to achieve what we love?
Why would anyone want to see us reach our dreams?
Why would sacrifice result in a non tangible cause?

Only the man in the mirror can answer these questions, and no other being can deface nor dispute its validity, because that passion , once found, can never be extinguished by derogatory tagging. Soul has that unique style of forgiving mistakes as well as rewarding achievement.

SUCCESS can only be contained by the definition of peace one feels inside. Once you take that first committed step, you should not hesitate. To fall back on a net you think is there, is a fatal idea.

Attitude Matters!

Attitude is your greatest asset, which picks you up when you fall, and enhances the team you work with, and is highly infectious. Curiosity is the essence of knowledge, which you then apply learning to, and are left with wisdom. EQ cannot be inherited because it is what drives the people you lead and those you meet, the purest element of humanity.

Renew. Your oath to your future. Drive the future. For what you believe. And those you care for.